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  About GedReporter  

A FREE Genealogy Database Report and Web Site Generator

GedReporter is a tool that allows you to generate custom reports on information in a genealogy database. What do I mean by 'report'?  In general terms a report is a file that contains data in a human readable format, such as a chart or a list.  Most people are already familiar with many types of genealogy reports--pedigree charts, family group charts, ahnentafel charts, etc. Most genealogy programs already have the ability to create these reports. Because of this, GedReporter is primarily used as a supplement to your current genealogy tools. It could be used for database maintenance, such as listing people who missing source citations, or for generating complete web sites.

The reports are generated by running scripts that manipulate data imported from a GEDCOM file. GEDCOM is a standard file format for sharing genealogy information between programs. All good genealogy programs will be able to export a GEDCOM file (See your program's documentation). The scripting language is a subset of Visual Basic and VBScript. This was chosen because Visual Basic has such a large user base, so many people would not have to learn a whole new language.

But, you say you're not a programmer? That's OK. GedReporter comes with several very useful scripts already designed for you that range from web site creation to a simple surname list. All you have to do is run them on your own database. Also, if you wish to have a have a script created for you, I may be willing to design it for you if the script could be useful to others. If the script is very complicated, I may ask for a small donation.

The best part of this program is that it's FREE! (For personal use only). All I ask is that you register with me. This way I can inform you of future updates.


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