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  What's New?  
August 13, 2002 -- Version 1.1.2
  • NEW: Can now print a person's lifespan in the Tree View.
  • Scripts:
    • NEW: Can now print a person's Lifespan in PrintTreeView2PDF.
    • NEW: TreeWallChartPDF: Hourglass/Ancestor/Descendant wall charts. Replaces the DescWallChartPDF script.
  • FIX: General bugs.

June 23, 2002 -- Version 1.1.1
  • FIX: No longer crashes when GEDCOM file has more than 32000 individuals.

June 22, 2002 -- Version 1.1.0
  • NEW: Added ability to stop scripts from within Tree view window.
  • FIX: Tree View's chart is not limited in size (only limited by available memory).
  • NEW: Options to limit the number of generations on the Tree view & to remove duplicate branches from the Tree View.
  • NEW: Additional "Views" that show more detailed information on people.
  • Scripts:
    • NEW: PrintTreeView2PDF: create PDF file with contents of TreeView Window.
    • NEW: DescWallChartPDF: Draw a descendant tree to a PDF file.
    • NEW: ListWhereEventsFound: Lists individuals & families that have a specified fact/event.
    • NEW: ListSourcesForIndividual: Lists all sources attached to individual and spouse families.
    • General Fixes and modifications.
  • NEW: PDFScribe:
    • Component that allows PDF files to be easily created.
    • May be licensed for use outside of GedReporter.
  • gbScriptEngine:
    • FIX: General Bugs.
  • GEDCOM_Lib:
    • FIX: Allow assignment of objects to Tag properties.
    • FIX: GEDCOMs created by The Master Genealogist didn't have a space before/after surname. (I believe TMG is in error here, but I correct for it anyway).
    • FIX: Compensated for incorrect usage of Text records. Many programs incorrectly break text among multiple GEDCOM lines, which effectively removed whitespace between certain words.
    • FIX: Various other bugs.
    • NEW: GDAssistant Object - Provides commonly used querying operations.
    • NEW: Completely supports GEDCOM v5.5 standard
      • Exceptions (Not Supported): Embedded objects and custom tags.

December 16, 2001 -- Version 1.0.1
  • NEW: Added licensing features to gbScriptEngine and GEDCOM_Lib - these components may be licensed for use outside of GedReporter.
  • gbScriptEngine:
    • FIX: Fixed problems passing variables/expressions to byref parameters.
    • FIX: Byref parameters returned on methods Called by name (ie. Late Binding).
    • FIX: Branch statements convert the expression to boolean -wasn't compatible with VB6.
  • General bug fixes.

October 7, 2001 -- Version 1.0.0
  • Forms (GUI) available from scripts (using Internet Explorer)
  • Individuals who's confidentiality can't be determined will default to "Confidential" now. This is a preference setting.
  • FIX: Compiler bug in GBScriptEngine due to call-by-name result not Variant.
  • NEW: GEDCOMdb - Can return collections of all the fact/event types in the GEDCOM file.
  • Scripts:
    • FIX: MultGenerations: no more pages with the title "Confidential Ancestry".
    • FIX: Lineage Charts: no more titles of "Confidential Lineage".
    • FIX: ExportDatabase2Web: fixes error when database is empty or all individuals are confidential.
    • FIX: IndividualDetails & dependent scripts: birth/death info printed for correct spouses.
    • ListWheresourceIsUsed: Added form to make selection of source easier.
    • NEW: ListAllPlaces: List all places in the database.
    • NEW: ListMultipleNames: List all people with more than one name.
    • NEW: ListMultipleEvents: List all people and families with duplicate facts/events.
  • General bug fixes.

September 7, 2001 -- Version 0.4.1 Beta
  • GedBrowser has been renamed to McMartin's GedReporter.
  • The SurnameList script will correctly list aliases now.

NOTE: Versions 0.4.0 and older were named GedBrowser.

September 5, 2001 -- Version 0.4.0 Beta
  • Everything has changed!
  • Completely redesigned script engine, Tree browser, and Gedcom database.
  • General Basic Script Engine (GBScriptEngine)
    • The script language has been redesigned to be a subset of Visual Basic.
    • Now based on COM technology, so other COM services can be used within a script.
    • Scripts compile and run MUCH faster...up to 100 times faster!
    • Project based scripts, just like Visual Basic.
    • Syntax Coloring in the script editor!!!!
    • Script engine is independent of GedBrowser. Contact the author if you wish to use gbScriptEngine in your own projects.
  • GEDCOM Database (GEDCOMdb)
    • Superior GEDCOM support for the GEDCOM 5.5 standard and 5.5.1 draft. Most records and tags supported.
    • More reliable and flexible GEDCOM support. (Sources are now handled correctly)
  • GedBrowser main application (Tree Browser)
    • Improved user interface.
  • Many, Many more changes...

December 10, 1998 -- Version 0.3.0 pre-Beta
  • An improved user interface.
  • Ability to hide data on people possibly still alive.
  • Enabled multiple file scripting by using library files.
  • New FamilyRecord and SourceRecord data type.
  • Greatly improved debugging ability.

July 15, 1998 -- Version 0.2.0 pre-Beta
  • First public release.


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