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You are welcome to download a copy of GedReporter for free (for personal use only). The only requirement is that you register your copy. This registration will be used to notify you of future updates.


  • If you have a previous version of GedReporter, it is best to uninstall it first.
  • If you have version 1.0.1 or previous, then it is essential that you uninstall it first.
  • Download the zip file... (4.96MB)

  • Unzip the files to a temporary directory. You will need a zip program such as WinZip.
  • Once all the files have been extracted, run setup.exe and follow the instructions.
  • Follow the tutorial found in the help file.
  • Register by sending me an email with your name and address. This will be used to inform you of updates.

Notice to Win95/98 Users

GedReporter requires certain Microsoft files to be installed (see Minimum Requirements). Due to licensing issues, these files can not be installed by GedReporter, requiring you to install them separately. The easiest method is to install Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, or you may install each one separately.

If you are unsure if your system has the required files, the GedReporter setup program will notify you if you are missing a file.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Copyright 1997-2008 Douglas McMartin.